ATTEMPT In-Store Show on February 8


CD Central is psyched to bring you a free in-store show by Lexington’s ATTEMPT on Wednesday, Feb. 8 at 7 p.m. sharp, celebrating the release of their new vinyl album Personal Fables (Desperate Spirits Records).
About the band:
“ATTEMPT is the songwriting project of Trevor Tremaine. It’s unlikely, but you may know him as the drummer for noise band Hair Police, as the proprietor of the now-defunct micro-edition cassette label Rampart Tapes, as a co-founder of the surrealist Resonant Hole collective, as the conductor of avant-folk combo Eyes & Arms of Smoke, as a sideman with a strange and diverse resume (Burning Star Core, Warmer Milks, Matt Duncan, Death Unit, Silverware, and Thurston Moore’s Aktion Unit, if you can believe it), or as me, the author of this brief biography of him.”
About the album:
“For its inaugural release and your pleasure, we proudly present the challenging offerings of ATTEMPT, a humble and ongoing concern exploring the vocabulary of such master musicians as Zappa or Becker & Fagen mixed with the accessibility of Rundgren. ATTEMPT strives to win your heart, not break it. It demands your neural networks fire on all cylinders, but have a good time doing so. The singular vision of iconoclastic sound architect Trevor Tremaine, the album is a reflection of the provocative and exploratory spirit emblematic of the band’s live performances.  A tour of the continuous United States is imminent, with exclusive engagements in high profile urban areas for top-tier market penetration. Target demographics include closet alcoholics, the newly unemployed, and libertines. This is music escaping easy and convenient categorization. It is twisted blue-eyed soul for the hyperaware manic within all of us. It is music that finds the beauty in the marriage between dissonance and resolve; all the while giving you permission to shake a tail feather.”