It’s Not a Parking Meter, It’s Art!

The popular “Made You Look” storm drain artist, Blake Snyder Eames, will be the next Change for Art artist to install a public art meter on August 27 at CD Central on S. Limestone.

Change for Art began last year with meter artist Phillip March Jones at what is now Whitaker Bank Ballpark, home of the Lexington Legends.

Blake Snyder Eames said, “Iʼm thrilled to be a part of this project! After working on the Made You Look Public Art Project last summer while painting the streets of Lexington I realized how hungry the community is for Public Art.  Our supporters said a lot of the same things to us as we worked…’art is not in my daily life’ or ‘Iʼve never been to a gallery’ …they had no access.

Eames continued, “Change For Art bridges the gap by bringing the art to the public in a fun, inclusive way while recycling an everyday product bound for the landfill. The art is a part their daily lives and they can make a personal impact by donating small change while helping to bring about change for the future of the arts in Lexington!”

Change for Art is a non profit that pays artists to turn decommissioned parking meters into public art.  The working meters, while not used for parking, function as a fund raising method to help support individual working artists in Lexington.

Kathy Lundy Jones of Equus Standardbred Station sponsored a portion of the Eames meter and commented that, “Change for Art is an innovative concept allowing art advocates in the Bluegrass to not only participate in a new installation showcasing local artistry but, to also support recycling and the “greening” of the city.”

Change for Art meters will be placed throughout the city and surrounding neighborhoods.  CD Central owner, Steve Baron spoke to his decision to be a site for the meter, “We’re very excited to be able to host a Change for Art meter at CD Central.  As a record store, we’re very much in tune with the idea of promoting artists and culture in our community, and with a campus-area location we hope that the Change for Art concept will reach a wide range of people who want to help support the arts in an easy and fun way.”

The meter installation will begin at noon on Saturday, August 27 and continue throughout the day.  The public is invited to watch all or any part of the installation process.