Matt’s Pick: Brian Posehn – The Fartist

  • mattj
  • 06 Jul 2013
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If you’re casually familiar with Brian Posehn, you might know him as the metal comedian. The dude is deep, deep into metal music and it comes out in his act. His latest album The Fartist covers heavy metal, strippers and (obviously) flatulence. In addition to hilarious material, he’s also been a longtime supporter of record stores. In fact, on a recent episode of his podcast Nerd Poker he ended by encouraging his fans to go buy his new album in an independent record store:

“Go to a record store. Buy it from a human. I do. …I go to these record stores around the country and they’re doing fine because people that like them use them.”

So I recommend picking up Brian Posehn’s The Fartist only only because he’s a friend to the independent record store community, but also because it’s a hilarious record from a great comedian.