Matt’s Pick: Fidlar – Fidlar

I checked out Fidlar’s debut album because of the anticipation for it that was coming from a lot of our customers. We had a lot of people in the store asking if we would have it on release day and asking if I’d heard it yet. I gave it a listen as soon as we got our store copy and was immediately hooked.

It’s all dumb garage punk songs about living a life of excess, but they’re all done so well that they might as well be the 2013 incarnation of the platonic ideal of punk music. Why else would so many people be drawn to a 1:44 song called “Wake, Bake, Skate”?

If you’re ready for energetic music to soundtrack your spring (or if you have been awaiting the new Wavves record and want something probably better than it’ll end up being), pick up Fidlar and get your juices flowing.