New Metal You Should Know

The Metal listening station has been (mostly) refreshed!  Replacing Ufomammut’s Oro: Opus Primum in the number 1 slot is…
Ufomammut! With part two of the Oro series, Oro: Opus Alter, Ufomammut conclude what they started earlier this year.  The albums are meant to be heard back-to-back, as they consist of one song broken into 10 parts.  Don’t worry, this isn’t some cash-in where they just say two albums are related:  Alter picks up exactly where Primum left off, and the results are other-worldly.  If these guys ever manage to make it across the pond, bet your ass it’ll be an experience like no other.
Slot 2 is filled with the blind horror from the tomb, Finland’s mighty Hooded Menace!  Their newest offering, Effigies of Evil, continues to showcase HM’s ability to combine their death metal roots with a putrid helping of doom metal grooves and sickening layers of pure horrific atmosphere.  Imagine Coffins and Asphyx with Electric Wizard’s obsession with cult Euro-sleeze exploitation flicks, and you’re getting the idea.  A perfect soundtrack for the Hallowe’en season!
Slot 3 is given to the grandfathers of American Doom (and now Boomslang alumni) Saint Vitus, with their 2012 album, Lillie: F-65. Unlike most bands that get back together after a forever-long breakup and release some sad cash-grab of a new album, Lillie is classic Vitus!  The moment Dave Chandler’s signature Big Muff-soaked tone tears through the speakers, and Wino’s one-of-a-kind voice comes careening over it all, there is no question that this is a band that not only still has it, they never lost it.  They may have been born too late, but luckily the world is finally catching up.