Record Store Day DROP! Oct. 24

Instead of the big event in April that we all know and love, Record Store Day has been replaced by a series of three “RSD Drops” on the final Saturdays of August, September and October.  Each will feature a different slate of (mostly) vinyl releases.  You can check the list of titles at the official Record Store Day web site HERE.

Being that this is the time of Covid, we, like virtually all record stores around the nation, will not have any live music, food trucks or special promotions on Oct. 24.  Crowds are a bad idea and our goal will be to get the special RSD releases into the hands of our local customers as efficiently, quickly and SAFELY as possible.  With that goal in mind we’re instituting several special policies and procedures for the day.  Please read on for the details….

  1. Store hours will be 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.
  2. If you are arriving early please line up in a safe, socially responsible way.  That means six-foot distancing and MASKS ARE MANDATORY.
  3. We will admit persons inside one at a time, with a maximum of five people at a time in the store.  YOU MUST WEAR A MASK. After the first five are in, we will institute a one-out/one-in policy.  We encourage you to make your RSD selections and check out promptly so others may come in.  There will be plenty of time for browsing and digging after everyone in line has been served.
  4. IMPORTANT! Normally, crate digging is part of the fun.  These are not normal times.  RSD releases will be behind the counter and will be handed to you by our friendly staff. This will prevent unnecessary handling of records and crowding.  Please take a look at the list of releases , print it out and mark your picks (and maybe a few alternates), and bring it with you.
  5. These is a limit of eight different RSD releases per customer, and no more than one copy of any particular release.  Why? It’ll move the line faster and  give people further back in line a chance at the good stuff.  Plus, we won’t be doing the eBay flippers any favors!
  6. After about 11 a.m. we plan to transition to regular Covid-era store operations.  RSD releases and the entire store will be available for browsing.  We will cap the number of people in the store if necessary.
  7. As per RSD rules, there are no advance holds/reserves allowed.  However, after 11  a.m. we will be glad to take phone orders for local pickup ONLY (or mail to a Lexington-area address).
  8. Selected remaining RSD stock will be posted at our Online Store starting during the afternoon of Oct. 24.
  9. Please stay home if you’re not feeling well!  And while normally we encourage folks to bring the family, this is not one of these times.

That’s about it!  While we would much rather have a normal Record Store Day, we think this plan strikes the best balance between safety and getting cool records into as many hands as possible.  We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding!