Record Store Day Drop June 18!

This Saturday, June 18, CD Central will open at 10 a.m. for the Record Store Day Drop Day.  What is it?  This is the day when all the limited edition vinyl releases that weren’t ready in time for Record Store Day in April will finally be on sale.  It’s a smaller list of releases but includes some heavy hitters like Pearl Jam, Miles Davis, Prince, Jim James, Royal Tenenbaums soundtrack and more.  Here’s the official list and we’ll have most of it in stock when we open.

As for the rules and procedures for the day, we’re keeping it simple.  No reservations are needed, just join the line and we’ll allow a comfortable number of folks in the shop at a time to browse the record crates.  Because of the smaller number of releases we don’t expect anyone to have to wait very long.  There is a limit of one copy of any particular release per customer as long as others are still waiting.  Selected remaining stock will be listed at our online shop starting Sunday.