It’s just about time for Record Store Day Drop #2, coming Saturday, July 17. As always, we’ll have most of the special releases on the list, including vinyl from the Foo Fighters, John Prine, Beastie Boys, Miles Davis, CSNY, St. Vincent and lots more. You can check out the master list of limited edition vinyl at this link.
We’ll also be unveiling our newest t-shirt design, and this is one you won’t want to miss!
We had great feedback on our RSD procedures last time, so we are doing the same this time around.
Here’s the essential info:

  1. Store hours will be 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.
  2. If you are arriving early please line up in a safe, socially responsible way.
  3. We will admit persons inside one at a time, with a maximum of five people at a time in the store.  After the first five are in, we will institute a one-out/one-in policy.  We encourage you to make your  selections and check out promptly so others may come in.  There will be plenty of time for browsing and digging after everyone in line has been served.
  4. Record Store Day releases will be at a special counter and will be handed to you by our friendly staff. This will prevent unnecessary handling of records, jostling and crowding.  Please take some time to look at the list of releases in advance, make notes or print it out and mark your picks (and maybe a few alternates), and bring it with you.  We WILL run out of some titles!  Please remember that there are separate new release lists for June and July.
  5.  As always, there is a limit of one copy of any particular release per customer.
  6. After everyone in line has been served, doors will be open in the usual way and  you can browse to your heart’s content! We will cap the number of people in the store if necessary.
  7. As per national RSD rules, there are NO advance holds/reserves allowed.  However, after 11  a.m. we will be glad to take phone orders for local pickup ONLY (or mail to a Lexington-area address).
  8. Selected remaining RSD stock will be posted at our online shop later in the afternoon.

A word on vinyl availability:  We will be getting most of the releases on the official RSD  list.  However, quantities are always limited and, like all record stores, we will run out of some things early.  Try to have some alternates in mind in case you can’t get your first choices.

Thanks as always for supporting independent record stores!