The Record Store Day Line, Improved!

Record Store Day has grown quite a bit since we celebrated the first one seven years ago.  Over the years we’ve tried to refine our RSD store layout and checkout to ensure that early shoppers have the best possible experience.   We’ve listened to customer comments and talked with the owners of other indie stores like ours to learn what ideas work and which are worth trying.
For Record Store Day 2014 we are making one big change: Instead of everyone entering the store at once, we will be admitting folks in groups.  The biggest source of complaint we’ve had in the past is overcrowding.  This will go a long way toward reducing the problem.  Most record stores are now using this system and although it can mean that the line will move more slowly, everyone will have a more pleasant shopping experience.
Before we open, we will issue line numbers to everyone waiting.   At 9 a.m. we will open and the first (fairly large) group will be admitted.  At short intervals, smaller groups will be able to enter.  We’ll try to keep the line moving as fast as possible without overcrowding our shop.

We are also introducing two new features we think you’ll like:
As a special thank-you to our loyal customers, we’re holding a random drawing for the first two spots in line on Record Store Day. Here’s how it works: just make any purchase of $10 or more on the Saturday BEFORE Record Store Day (April 12) and we’ll enter you in the drawing. We’ll pick two winners. Good luck!
And as a thank-you to EVERYONE who braves the line on the morning of RSD, you’ll be entered in a drawing to win some rare white label test pressings.  We have three to give away, Johnny Cash’s new album, “Out Among the Stars”, the Green Day “Demolicious” RSD release, and the Jay-Z/Linkin Park “Collision Course”.

We hope everyone likes these changes and we look forward to your comments!