Sell Your Music

Do you have records at home that you no longer listen to?  CD Central buys collections!

We are always buying quality record collections.  We mainly buy LPs (full-length albums) but will also consider some 45 and 78 rpm singles.  Condition is important!  Both the outer jackets and the records themselves must be in excellent condition.

We mainly look for classic rock music (1950s to present), alternative, metal, indie and punk rock, classic R&B and soul (generally pre-1976), jazz, hip-hop, and bluegrass & traditional folk.

We do purchase other genres of music, but are usually NOT buying classical music, easy listening and pop vocals (Andy Williams, Herb Alpert, Barbra Streisand, etc), children’s music, Christmas records, Broadway, etc.
Please note: Elvis sold millions of records and most are very common!

If the records smell of mold, cigarettes or cats, we must respectfully decline!

We currently have a large backstock of used CDs and are not actively looking to buy.  However, feel free to call us and let us know what you have, and in some cases we can consider purchasing your collection.
Due to the recent decline in DVD sales, we are rarely able to buy movies, but again we can sometimes purchase collections depending on the type of material.

We can buy rock music cassettes only.  We’re not buying any other genres at this time.  We don’t buy 8-track tapes, sorry!

CD Central also buys vintage stereo equipment in good condition, particularly receivers, amps, turntables and cassette decks.  Generally we’re looking for older equipment with analog rather than digital displays.  We do NOT buy used modern “suitcase” style portable record players.

Feel free to call us at 859-233-3472 with any questions.  However, we cannot price records and equipment over the phone without actually seeing them!  Best time to bring items to sell is Monday-Friday 11 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.   Depending on the size of the collection and how busy we are, we can either make a cash offer while you wait or get back to you by the end of the following day.